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Specialized Fiber Optic Products Manufacturer Since 1995. Professional Data Center Fiber Solutions from Huihong Technologies.

Since 1995

Fiber Solutions

Fiber Optic Manufacturer

China Factory.

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FTTH Cable Supplier

Huihong Technologies has specialized in FTTH fiber optic network equipment manufacturing for over 20 years. All products are made according to communication industry standards. our FTTH fiber cables, FTTH fiber optic cabinets and management units are wide range, high quality and low price. We are known among the customers in the fiber optic industry.

Huihongfiber makes different types of FTTH fiber optic cables and FTTH cable assemblies, indoor cables, outdoor cables, splitters, patch cables, pigtails, adapters, attenuator, fiber optic Ethernet converter, fiber optic transceiver, for the fiber optic management equipment, we have ODF, patch panels, boxes, faceplates and we can supply integrated cabinets and fiber optic cabinets for FTTH applications.

Fiber Optic Manufacturer Since 1995

Professional FTTH Fiber Cables Supplier

Indoor FTTH Cables

Indoor FTTH Cables include the typical tight buffer FTTH drop cable and bare fiber FTTH drop cables, usually it is made with G657 bend insensitive fiber, with LSZH jacket, fiber cores are 1 core, 2 cores, 4 cores, jacket color is black or white, patch cables available.

Outdoor FTTH Cables

Outdoor FTTH cables include the aerial FTTH cable, duct FTTH cable, self-support FTTH cable, outdoor FTTH drop cable, with optional aramid yarn and strengthen members, outdoor FTTH cables are built with G657 single mode fiber and strong jacket.

ADSS Cables

We make the ADSS (All Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Fiber Cable) for the FTTH applications, ADSS is a popular aerial cable features its easy to use and economic, no messengers or supporting wires are required by using the ADSS cables. ADSS can be custom made.

Fiber Termination Boxes

Fiber Termination Boxes are optional with Max Capacity:2 Fibers,4 Fibers,8 Fibers,12 Fibers,24 Fibers,48 Fibers; Connector types: LC,SC,ST,FC,E2000,MPO,MTP, wall mount ,rack mount; splitter box,distribution box,1×4,1×8,1×16,1×64 and more.

Fiber Splice Closures

Fiber Optic Splice Closures Types:Guard Closure,Dome Closure,Inline Closure,Terminal Closure,PLC Splitter Closure,Vertical/Dome,Horizontal,
Max Capacity,12 Splices,16,24,36,48,72,,96 Splices,Above 105 Splices and more.

Fiber Optic Wall Plates

Fiber Optic Wall Plate Type:LC Wall Plate,SC Wall Plate,ST Wall Plate,FC Wall Plate,E2000,Hybrid Wall Plate,Customized Wall Plate,Port Numbers:1-Port,2-Port,3-Port,4-Port,Port Orientation:Straight,Box,Angled and Custom types.

Optical Distribution Frames

Fiber Optic ODF,12 Fibers,24,48,96,144, till 576 Fiber Cores. Housing from 1U Rack Mount,2U Rack Mount,3U Rack Mount,4U Rack Mount,6U Rack Mount,8U Rack Mount,Floor Mount, 19″ size. Unloaded or loaded with adapters/pigtails optional.

Fiber Optic Cabinets

Install Type: Wall Mount,Floor Mount,Max Capacity from 96 Fibers,108 Fibers,144 Fibers,288 Fibers,576 Fibers, can be pre-installed with different types of adapters, pigtails, fiber trays, SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, MPO, MTP types, PLC splitters.

More Fiber Optic Products

SFP,SFP+,XFP,Xenpak,X2,25G SFP28/40G QSFP+/100G QSFP28;Direct Attach Copper Cable Assemblies: 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/120G DAC;Active Optical Cables (AOC): 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/120G AOC; different fiber cable assemblies.

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